Saturday, October 1, 2011

For Lunch

Fish and Chips
Tea and crumpets are a somewhat antiquated tradition and I am rather settled on coffee and toast. Battenbergs are sort of sugary cake treats also meant for tea time of which I eat my fair share. I have yet to tried meat pies here, but have heard good reviews. Pub food varies quite a bit, but the atmosphere of a pub caters to a perfect lunch break from sight seeing. So, as far as I can tell, “fish and chips” seems to be the most reliable option and the most popular English dish for probably that reason. At first, I only ordered the dish for the sake of it being a staple food, something you can get anywhere over here. Now, I am a fan, which surprised me since I would never have ordered fish fried as such in the states. You can even eat it riverside beneath London Bridge where the picture of the sign was taken. I may get used to being away from New York delis. I’m even slowly getting used to thinking of French fries as “chips” and chips as “crisps.”

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